Tikanga Matatini

We will undertake research which reflects and supports the cultural realities of our community. Māori custom and processes will be incorporated within the design of our research methods, and will match the diverse cultural experiences and needs of urban Māori.

Whakamana te Tangata

We will respect and support our research participants and the information they provide. We will ensure that they are acknowledged for their contribution and recognised for their efforts.

Whanake Waipareira

We will prioritise translational research endeavour by generating information which contributes to the Waipareira community, Waipareira Trust, and Urban Māori development.

Whakapakari Rangahau

We will build Māori research capacity and capability. We will support emerging researchers, present them with opportunities, and expose them to positive role-models and experiences. We will collaborate effectively with other groups and organisations and create mutually beneficial research opportunities.

Tohatoha Mātauranga

We will take active steps to profile and share the outcomes of our research. We will ensure that the information is widely profiled and so that it may contribute to Māori, national, international, and indigenous development.